A Speedy Writer is actually an award-winning copywriter named Andi Speedy (thatís me). With over 10 years experience in the marketing and advertising world, Iíve written for a wide variety of clients in an even wider range of industries. Iím just as comfortable writing fun, zingy slogans for restaurants or product packaging as I am writing incredibly technical brochures about high finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. And, itís no surprise that since my career has been based in Florida that I can turn quite a phrase when it comes to travel, tourism, luxury resorts, cruise lines, and high-fashion accessories. You can see more of what Iíve done in the past by taking a peek at my portfolio, but one of the best parts of working with me is the way I work.

I take on any size project from almost any type of client (sorry kids Ė I wonít write your term paper for youÖ I did my time).

  • It starts with an email from you with a description of what you need and how best to reach you
  • It continues with a conversation on the phone or face to face.
  • Iíll give you some suggestions and ideas (yes, I do concepts too)
  • Youíll get a good feel for what I bring to the table.
  • After that, Iíll give you an estimate on cost and timing and weíll get started.
In most cases, it only takes a few days from start to finish Ė howís that for Speedy?