Few things matter as much as having the right words at the right time. In fact, for most people, how something is said (or written) makes a stronger impression than what is said. When those situations come up Ė itís helpful to have a professional writer on your sideÖ Someone like me.

I write just about everything a person or business could need to be perceived as an excellent communicator. From brochures and advertising copy to website content to journalistic editorial to press releases and more, if you need it written well, A Speedy Writer is the right choice.

More than that, as the name suggests, A Speedy Writer is also the way to get it written quickly. Because I work independently, you can cut out a lot of the layers of a traditional agency structure and work directly with me on any and all of your writing projects. At the same time, if you DO need a designer or additional agency-style resources, Iím glad to recommend someone or work with whomever youíve got lined up. Itís the lower-stress, lower-cost way to always put your best words forward.

So take a look at my resume, my portfolio, or learn more about meÖ and then let me know what I can do for you. I look forward to writing with you soon.